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Highlights of the 2016 Crowdfunding Summit

Check out highlights of the 2016 Community Crowdfunding Summit.

Empower your community through InvestLocalBC.ca

About Crowdfunding

The name "Crowdfunding" is somewhat misleading. There really is no "crowd" out there just waiting to "fund" your project. Generally, crowdfunding or crowdsourcing refers to the collective, cooperative networking and pooling of financial resources via the Internet to support a cause, startup business, or social enterprise. Basically, leveraging small contributions from many parties. Crowdfunding is used to create viral online campaigns that raise awareness, fundraise, friendraise, build buzz, and generate support for a particular project.

About InvestLocalBC.ca

InvestLocalBC.ca is an initiative of Community Futures Stuart Nechako for local nonprofits, the arts communities and business startups to create online forums to fund, support and evolve their initiatives and projects in our communities. InvestLocalBC.ca accelerates creative ideas into reality by providing an online platform to seek financial investment and collaboration.

Through local investment empower your community – with InvestLocalBC.ca.

The Value of InvestLocalBC.ca

Your campaign is free to create! Utilizing the network of Community Futures offices throughout British Columbia, InvestLocalBC.ca affords you the power to direct your campaign where you want it and who you want it directed to with only a small fee deducted from your successful campaign. Also our credit card processor will charge a transaction fee. And that is it. Other than your time and creativity.

More Value

InvestLocalBC.ca is about community empowerment for nonprofits, business and artisans. There is more than just money at issue when it comes to crowdfunding campaigns. These campaigns speak to the community and provide a considerable amount of information to supporters. InvestLocalBC is a directory or catalogue if you will, for individuals, businesses, governments and industries to discover nonprofit, cultural, and business startup projects in each area of the province and more importantly to gauge public support for these projects. If a company or government or even an altruistic person anywhere in the world would like to see the support a project has, they can get a very good idea by the amount of funds raised to date. And if they just want to support a project in a certain area of the province, InvestLocalBC.ca offers a quick and easy platform to do just that.

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